The Music Tree Company

When deciding on a name our thoughts were drawn back to our original meeting at school, so it seemed a natural progression that our logo should reflect this, the cedar tree that stands proudly at the front of New Hall School became our Music Tree.

The excitement when a child shows an interest in music is a great moment and one we should all try to encourage and develop. We have worked with a great designer to produce five totally original designs for The Music Tree Company.

We are really excited by the results and the feedback we have had from children and adults alike has been overwhelmingly positive. We wanted to ensure that there is a bag for everyone, there is also the option of buying our Music Tree Company Music Theory Revision Cards which will help to take you through the first five theory grades.

Many of us will have started our musical adventure by learning the recorder, so we have also decided to produce recorder bags in our designs with a colourful recorder of your choice.

Our Values

The Music Tree Company feel passionately that music is a fundamental part of a childs development. It is a wonderful thing for a child to have the opportunity to sing in a choir, play an instrument or simply share music with friends. Music brings people together of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. We want to not only celebrate the music making but give a helping hand to those who wish to work through their grades.

We were both determined that our music bags should be made in this country and have worked hard to find suppliers and manufacturers within the UK with whom we now have a close working relationship.

Made in Great Britain