Sometimes all that’s needed to kick off a great business idea is a bizarre coincidence.

So it was with Anna and Sarah who were at school together in Essex many moons ago but lost touch and only met up when their sons became best friends in Yorkshire.

They had always shared a love of music at school – now nearly three decades later it turned out their kids were music nuts too.

There was one thing they always complained about, though and that was the uninspiring, slightly tacky bags which held their sheet music.

Great friends again Anna and Sarah knew they wanted to set up a business together and had that lightbulb moment after scouring the internet for bags their children would be happy to carry.

There was nothing there – just those cheap nylon book bags at one end and the take-out-a-mortgage to buy it leather ones at the other.

Before kids Anna studied singing and piano at the Royal College of Music and Sarah worked in education and developed a passion for design.

Couldn’t they come up with something cool, fun and practical that would fill that obvious gap in the market?

To ensure they really did develop something kids would love they involved their children (5 between them) in every stage of the product design. This really is a family company in every sense!

This is only the beginning for The Music Tree – we’ve got many more exciting ideas in the pipeline which we’ll share with you soon. So please get in touch with any suggestions or comments – we want to make sure The Music Tree works for everyone.